Building a nation characterised by peace, prosperity and stability

During the apartheid years and for many years into democracy, support for the social justice sector in South Africa came from abroad. However, two decades into our new democracy, South Africa no longer attracts such support; it is now just another middle-income country with pressing social problems.

What we do
The Social Justice Initiative aims to create awareness locally of the importance of social justice projects in contributing to the country's development and growth – and to secure the funding necessary to sustain projects that are bringing about systemic change for a just and fair society.

South Africans are highly socially conscious and contribute generously to charitable initiatives, especially those providing services to vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and animals.

The SJI hopes to encourage the same level of support for social justice projects at the heart of communities, which enable individuals and grassroots groups to participate actively in their own development. Our vision is to give the marginalised a voice and ensure that individuals and communities are afforded the dignity envisaged by the Constitution.


Each of us has a role to play in helping to create a more just and equal society, where all South Africans can enjoy dignity, peace and prosperity.