Working for a Just Society

Help us build a nation characterised by peace, prosperity and stability, by supporting our network of social justice organisations. These organisations work tirelessly to enable communities to realise their social and economic rights, as outlined in South Africa's Bill of Rights. The most notable gains are achieved when communities and civil society collaborate with business and government to resolve the challenges facing our new democracy.

Some of the work we support

Health e News

Thabo Molelekwa – a budding citizen journalist– exposed the story of a critically ill man who, after waiting 12 hours unattended in an East Rand hospital, died.
The story got the attention of the Gauteng MEC for Health, who in turn employed more doctors and nurses to that specific hospital.

Investigative Journalism

AmaBhungane's stories have helped set South Africa’s news agenda, in recent months revealing attempts by powerful figures to capture vital state institutions, and undermine the constitution. One example is the exposure of tens of millions in suspect "commissions" paid by a telecoms operator to secure contracts with Transnet, the state-owned transport utility. The exposé led to the resignation of the private company’s CEO and CFO.

Rural Development

Africa!Ignite initiated the Youth Action Desks project in 2014 in three of the most rural districts of KZN, to assist vulnerable communities in accessing crucial health, right-based and consumer information and advice. Each action desk is staffed by a team of trained youths, who run education sessions and link community members with a network of health, legal and consumer experts. Examples of issues brought to the desks include application for pensions, registration of birth and deaths, and social services information.

Focus areas

The SJI’s current focus areas include civic engagement; governance and accountability; crime prevention and safety; and Constitutionalism and the strengthening of institutions of democracy.

Philanthropists partner with the SJI to invest in organisations that positively transform the lives of communities and advocate for private and public accountability, fair access to rights and opportunities, better delivery of services and a stronger democracy.

Funds raised